Friday, 17 December 2010

Coalition Collapses!

Unfortunately, only in The Dark Place, where the Tory-Lib Dem coalition has been spreading misery and wasting resources for quite some time (32 months). Thankfully, some Liberal Demcocrats have acquired both conscience and spine, and have now sided with Labour, giving overall control to them after a no-confidence vote. Unfortunately, Labour now have to cut £70m of public services thanks to the combined spite and incompetence of the coalition at local and national level.

The Tory leader had the gall to attack Labour for “cheek and arrogance” for taking power without being voted in by the public' despite only ruling with the support of the Liberal Democrats, which suggests his grasp of democracy is rather limited - especially given that his national party, stuffed with gold and running against the most unpopular leader in recent history, couldn't win an outright majority. 

I'm not saying Labour are particularly good - but they're a damn sight better than what we have. Let's hope the insurgency virus spreads from the West Midlands to Westminster!

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