Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hello. It's 1.30 on Sunday morning and I'm up at 5.45 for the last day of the fencing. I took several hundred pictures yesterday, so carried away was I by the quality. It's taken hours to upload them to Flickr, so I won't post any more here until I get back to The Hegemon, but you can see them all here. Parents, friends, fencers and fencing clubs can use any of them for non-commercial purposes, as long as I'm credited.

Meanwhile, I think Paul Uppal MP should watch out. My campaign to oust the Vice-Chancellor has succeeded. Merely a matter of months since I told her she should do the decent think and resign, she has.

If I'd realised bullying was such fun, I'd have enjoyed my schooldays much more!

Someone else on the internet doesn't like her. Relive her glory days here.

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