Monday, 6 September 2010

Fencing the goods

These are photos from the last day of the UK School Games fencing. We've moved from the individual competitions to the team events, so the fencers have to adjust to working with their compatriots, whereas they were deadly rivals the day before. It's an interesting and difficult psychological shift, one they negotiate well. Tempers sometimes flare - inevitable given the élite level we're working with - but they support each other passionately.

Big beasts collide

The ancient clans of Scotland!

James Nicholl fends off Mario De Landro

Neither of these two are fencing properly! But it looks dramatic.

McSorley closes distance to avoid being hit

Callum Chivers recovering from a failed fléche against Jack Watson

Robinson lands one on Irma Hendrie's preparation

More pictures of the last day here. Enlarge those above by clicking on them.

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