Monday, 13 September 2010

Farewell, The Hegemon's fencing club

I was The Hegemon's fencing coach for a number of years. I turned up to do a PhD, found that I was the only fencer left after a year, refounded the club, took my coaching qualifications and gradually turned us into a respectably-successful team.

In my last year, I persuaded the Students' Union to invest in £7000 of equipment because a bright future beckoned. Numbers fell off slightly and I resigned to give a new coach a head start. Now I find that the club's been closed down without consultation, and all the equipment flogged off. I'm told that the team can exist as a student association - but without any equipment or coaching, which is pure bullshit: £5000 would be needed to equip a small group to fence legally and safely.

What a shame - the demand's there but another sport's been picked off by someone sitting in an office.

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Zoot Horn said...

Sorry to hear that - I know how much work and enthusiasm went into that Vole.