Friday, 27 August 2010

Welcome to a Dark Place

I moan about this place a lot, and I must admit that in ten years, I haven't become attached to this city in the way I have to other places. Here's why…

I went for a short walk before going home last night, to take pictures of a nearby building which is being demolished. As it's stripped, rather attractive features appeared, like the stunning concrete fire escape. Then I wandered round town in the rain, trying to capture the beauty and the ugliness of the town. City. It's been a city since 2000. Not very convincingly, but there you go.

I've added the rest of the pictures to this existing set of Dark Place shots. Click on these samples for larger versions.


Lee HW said...

A poet is someone who finds beauty in the least likely places. This post should be entitled 'A poet in a dark place'. :-)

The Plashing Vole said...

Thanks. There is beauty in unexpected places.