Monday, 2 August 2010

Up, Uppal and Away

Three months on since the election and my congratulatory note to my new MP, Paul Uppal, with a few simple and polite questions attached. Three months of silence.

Now we're well into the Parliamentary Recess (27th July until 6th September, then back for ten days then a whole month off for 'conference recess' - why can't they hold party conferences during the summer recess?) don't expect Lazy Paul to either reply to me or do much in the constituency. I strongly suspect that he doesn't live here and he's certainly gone out of his way to conceal his constituency surgeries, if indeed he holds any.

Let's review the work he's done, for which he 'earns' £65,000 per year - or, taking into account recesses, about 6 months of the year):

No committees joined.
No written questions tabled.
No dissenting votes
7 (short) speeches - mostly about himself.

He's earned a holiday alright.

PS. It's not just me: he hasn't bothered to respond to 38 Degrees' on the subject of Saving the BBC either.

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