Friday, 27 August 2010

Playing Olympic Games

More promotional bumf from the Olympics today. Including this
In recognition of Visa’s long standing support of the Olympic Games, we are proud to accept only Visa cards (credit, debit and prepaid) for online ticket applications. 

I actually have a Visa debit card, but this kind of coercive bullshit (and 'proud' makes me cringe: the Georgians and Victorians called it 'cant' - why not admit that they offered you loads more money?) annoys me. When the time comes to buy tickets, I'm going to send them a jiffy bag of copper coins.

That's enough from me for a few days. Monday's a bank holiday so I won't be blogging. ON Tuesday I may be in for a couple of hours, then I'm off to magnificent Newcastle on Tyne/Gateshead for the 2010 UK School Games - not sure if there'll be any web access at all. Try to manage without me while I wear tracksuits for 5 whole days…

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