Tuesday, 17 August 2010

From the Department of You Couldn't Make It Up

George Osborne today defended the coalition government's planned spending cuts, claiming they would help create a more progressive society
Housing, welfare and unemployment benefits down, child savings fund abolished, sales taxes up, corporate taxes lowered, spending on nuclear weapons increased to £20 billion. Civil servants sacked by the tens of thousands, including those charged with chasing rich tax evaders. Philip Green, billionaire tax avoider and tax exile hired by the government. University entrance cut, bankers bonuses up.
and that income distribution was not the only measure of fairness.
"Progressiveness and fairness ... operate on a couple of levels," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "Obviously, there's income distribution ... but also it operates on other levels: intergenerational fairness ... equality of opportunity ... and social mobility, making sure people have access to the best education whatever their background." 

Said the St. Paul's School (£27,000 per year: median salary for UK workers in 2009: £21,000) and Oxford educated Bullingdon Club member multimillionaire (inherited: he's never had a proper job outside politics) expenses cheat.

Oh yes, and he's going to be a Baronet when daddy dies.

I told you. Tory Scum.

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