Monday, 16 August 2010

Another week, another disappointment

I'm used to not getting birthday and Christmas cards, even from close family. After all, it's not a legal requirement.

Sadly, I'm getting used to being spurned by Paul Uppal MP, who still hasn't replied to a polite letter (May 6th) and another one a couple of months ago on a different subject.

The difference between my dear old mum and Paul Uppal is that he is legally required to reply - he's my Member of Parliament. Quite what he's up to, I'm not sure. He certainly isn't busy running constituency surgeries, joining committees or asking written questions of ministers, that's for sure. Has anyone seen him? Apart, that is, from the property industry, whose views he is far more interested in hearing than those of any of his constituents (though obviously this is nothing to do with his own commercial interests, no no no).

Come on Paul. Hounding you week after week hurts me than it hurts you. You can end it all with a short note, fulfilling your legal duty. Or, we can go through this every single week until you lose the election in 4 and a half years. It's up to you.


Sue's Blog said...

Dear Vole,
I contacted my MP (David Wright) via this organization. I got a confirmation the next day, and a letter from David a few days later.
Perhaps you could re-submit your original letter to Mr. Uppal via this link.

Good Luck!!

The Plashing Vole said...

That's what I did the second time - it seems to have borne fruit.

David Wright's a good bloke.