Wednesday, 4 August 2010

All serious universities do this

Yes, every university has a teddy bear with its own e-mail address which we're encouraged to photograph in exotic locations. He even has his own page where he tells us about his adventures.

It's behind a passworded intranet page, so I can't direct you there to marvel, but here's a taste:

Well here we are again, everyone else has gone on their holidays and I’m left to do the work – you can see that I am in Poland to meet our very new and very eager students coming to us in September, there are also a few very nice parents around - so I have to be on my best behaviour!
So early to bed and up in the office first thing ...  oh how I fancy myself as a Knight in armour, I’m sure I’d have more success with the ladies if I looked like that!

I feel a satire coming on…

Very appropriate in an age in which air travel should be discouraged. I certainly feel that a corporate teddy bear makes up for the sackings, imposed curriculum changes and disastrous morale.

I direct you all (including my management superiors) for enlightenment to this blog post, 'What the Fuck Is My Social Media Strategy?')

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