Friday, 18 November 2016

Spam, spam, egg and chips…

Who am I? According to my spam folder for Nov 10th-15th I am:
  • a heterosexual woman unsatisfied by her boyfriend's small penis
  • a lonely heterosexual man
  • Fat
  • the laziest of academics
  • unobservant when it comes to how major corporations' names are spelled
  • greedy
  • about to be a millionaire
  • cold
  • sick
  • American
  • bored
  • a Labour member
  • uneducated
  • a future Captain of Industry
  • hobbled by obsolete IT
  • a small business owner
  • low in confidence
  • missing some parcels
  • quite racist in a creepily sexualised way
  • bald
  • paranoid
but capitalism will save me.

Here's the found poem of the spam list. 

Lonely Russian Girls Looking for Boyfriends!
If you're "Curvy" this will change your sex life
Re: Revistas Academicas Journals
I need your help taking on Grill'd
Your Account
More than 50 Million $ to invest in your project
Canada Gooose Parka , Big Discount
RE: Dear Account Owner,
Find Your Medicare Supplement Plan Today.
Today also can submit the papers.
Christmas Time Gifts
Find Your Medicare Supplement Plan Today.
FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Early Bird Offer | Up To £5 Off
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Pandora Jewellery ,UK Only 50% OFF
Re: Kasmera ISI Journal - Call for paper submission
Get your limited edition Labour Calendar today
Account information update is needed
15% OFF – Perfect Luxury Gifts For Christmas – 
IT Support Desk
Show Online Degree Listings
Open Management and Leadership Development Prog..
High Quality Logo Design & Website For Your Business
Urgent Notification!!
Frusrated With How Slow Your Computer Is? MUST
Find New Voip Phone Systems Options
[Black Friday] 90% Off Ray-Ban Sunglasses + Free S
We detected that someone logged into your account
Ladies- get the volume you deserve
Ladies- get the volume you deserve
take a look at my new driving
see what's coming on Tuesday
Dear Santa
Polo Ralph Lauren Last Day! y $9.99 Stock Up Sale
Your Account was logged into from a new browser
Do THIS to make a man commit to you
Re: Your Abandoned Package For Delivery
Lonely Asian Girls Looking for Boyfriends!
RE: Password HelpDesk
Are you frustrated by your thinning hair?
Get Your Free ADT Monitored system and receive ...
Ladies- get the volume you deserve
*RE: 3.7 M USD Beneficiary
Your Paper Towel Is Poisoning Our Environment –
Invitation from Prof. Karl Heinz
Get Your Free ADT Monitored System from the mos...
Sleep Safely - Alarm Special - $100 Visa Gift Card


Emma said...

Interesting range. You don't seem in need of any religious salvation though.

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