Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Spotter's Guide to Conservatism

Have the Conservatives changed? Here are some old Steve Bell cartoons. You may want to click on them to enlarge

While listening to Tories eulogize Thatcher today, remember how ruthlessly they defenestrated her when the gloss wore off

Here's Bell's summary of Denis Thatcher's views: now official Conservative Party policy if you listen to Osborne, Camron, Gove et al. 

Satire then: reality now with some councils giving out Asda vouchers instead of emergency loans.

'And still you vote for us'. True then, true now. 

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Anonymous said...

No sure if it's just me, but every article I read on the Guardian today relating to the death of Thatcher has an advert for cornish mining heritage sites in the sidebar. Looks like someone in the advertising dept has a sense of humour ;)