Friday, 28 September 2012


Over the sea, where the hobbits grow, one of my sisters marries tomorrow. I won't be there - devotion to my students (they look at you with those big soft eyes and you'd swear they understand every word you say) and an air ticket price of £4000 keeps me here in the Midlands. Besides, what could I find to blog about down in New Zealand? Mountains? Clean air? Rugby? Bah!

I've been to the weddings of two sisters and a brother already, and there's one more held in reserve, so I know how these things work. And yet, I'm rather sad I'm not there, if only to warn the unfortunate chap. All my sisters are rather fiery, and all choose quiet likeable husbands. And in any case, I didn't find out she'd emigrated until she didn't turn up to Christmas lunch… six months later. 

Instead of the festivities, I'm off to a Bruch concert, which should be magnificent. See you all on Monday. 

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