Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Winchester Double-Action Wedding

Some more shots from the wedding and tourism I did in Winchester at the weekend. More here. Click on these to enlarge.

One of the Adams. From Sunderland and similarly nonplussed by Southern ways. Between us, we drank their entire stock of bitter. By 8 o'clock. Then we had to slum it with champagne.

Adam, Amit and Ken. One's a hedge fund trader. One lives in Swiss tax exile. Not Adam though. 

Adam's brother Josh. A decent fencer. And human being. 

'There were three people in this marriage… one of them a little drunk'. 

Bee off with you!

Curle's Walk, under the buttresses of Winchester Cathedral

The Cathedral Nave

Jane Austen's gravestone. It says that she had a fine mind, but doesn't actually mention she was an author at all!

Not only does this chap have magnificent whiskers, his name was Francis Francis. 

The Nave again


Benjamin Judge said...

"Bee off with you"? For the sake of your reputation, please remove that caption.

The Plashing Vole said...

Shan't. Comedy Gold.