Thursday, 5 July 2012

The devil's typeface

If you ever doubted the humorous resources of scientists, consider the typeface employed by the Poindexters who all but confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson yesterday:

Only the other day I was telling someone of my intention to have my gravestone done in Comic Sans, preferably with !! sprinkled liberally around. It'll relieve the grief, I think. And if I ever get diagnosed with a terminal disease, I hope the news will be delivered like this:

See? Doesn't that seem less depressing already? It works for all sorts of buddy-duddy old texts. Here's Churchill's Chamberlain's (thanks, Steve Sarson and Grumpy Historian, I am a moron) declaration of war, transformed by Comic Sans into a jolly jape:

And who could resist the Declaration of Independence in Comic Sans?

The CERN scientists had to make a special effort to use Comic Sans - their PCs run a form of Linux, but I guess they had the right to be a bit flippant when they've made the discovery of a century. But I think Twitter's right - every time Comic Sans is used, a kitten dies. And students - every time you use it, a grade point dies too. 

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Jon Tulloch said...

Wot no comic sans?! Totes emotes!! ;-p But hey, at least we still have Jokerman!!!