Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How not to conduct a survey

One of the dreariest tasks I've undertaken in the past is teaching research methods for social sciences: not my forte at all. But clearly it's quite important.

I've just responded to an Apple survey about my latest purchase, an iPhone. Oh good, I thought. An opportunity to highlight the pros and cons of the device. But no: the questions were largely 'where have you sought support?' and 'are you satisfied?'. No boxes to provide detailed feedback (I like the phone, but the battery life is appalling), and one final kicker: despite this bit
We value and appreciate your input. Thank you for your participation!
(and no, I can't understand why there's an exclamation mark there other than to fake enthusiasm) the last line is:
For any issues with your iPhone please contact your carrier for support.
which sounds like 'run along and don't bother us' to me. Survey fail, customer relations fail.

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