Friday, 15 July 2011

Yet more fencing photographs

Sorry if these really aren't your thing - there are plenty more to come from the 2011 European Fencing Championships. Full set here, click these ones to go large.

The Ballet comes to Sheffield

Guyart (FRA) sticks one on Pogrebnyak mid-pirouette

But Pogrebnyak gets his own back in the pas-de-deux

Laurence Halsted and his helmet

Halsted flicks Rigine (RUS) on the shoulder

Rigine celebrates a hit. Halsted's less impressed

Hit for Rigine. Halsted's footwork isn't ideal here.

And now I worry for Halsted's structural integrity

Halsted flicks to Rigine's back, but Rigine hits off-target

Rigine's already hit Halsted, but Halsted's flick to shoulder is a delight

Rigine pauses for thought

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