Monday, 18 July 2011

Time to Gove

Who else in government is in hock to News International? How about everybody's favourite ex-Newsnight Education Moron Minister Michael Gove?
Will Michael Gove also be drawn into the sleaze? In 2009, the Conservatives published a list of shadow cabinet ministers' outside interests. News International were very generous to him, paying £5,000 a month for his services as journalist for one hour a week. That’s £1,250 a week. Contrast this with the £250 he received from Scotland on Sunday.
Meanwhile, one of the most evil papers on the planet (the Daily Mail, in case you didn't realise), claims that Rebekah Brooks vetoed Cameron's plan to have an ex-BBC press spokesman, and suggested Coulson instead - to 'strengthen links' between News International and the Tory administration.

If that's true - and as it's in the Mail, that's an 'if' the size of Greenland - then the Prime Minister will have to resign. If it isn't true, he'll have to sue, given the monstrosity of such a claim.

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