Friday, 1 July 2011

It's Forward to the 19th Century With Paul Uppal MP

Alongside his attempts to abolish trades unions and further enrich the rentier class, our industrious MP (ho ho) has managed to find his constituency and attend an event:
At Wolverhampton Girls’ High School centenary celebration – congratulations to them for all the tremendous achievements over this time

Magnificent. The only institution in the city he's positive about is a selective, single-sex school. Academically, it's very good - but let's not forget that selective education (i.e. entrance according to how much money your parents have spent on extra coaching and bourgeois socialisation) abandons the other 99.9% of the city's students as undeserving of small classes, top teachers, great resources… it's an educational two fingers to the rest of us for being poor and unpushy.

What else is Uppal up to? Well, he's trying to further impoverish local government:
Spoke in House of Commons yesterday to call for a debate on free car parking in towns and cities to boost trade
Not a simple gesture for shoppers, but part of an ongoing strategy to enrich commercial property owners (by a MASSIVE coincidence, Uppal is a millionaire commercial property developer) and strip local government of resources. Answer me this though Uppal: how will free parking help when the city has the highest proportion of vacant shops in the country? And what about the environmental considerations. We've got buses, trams and trains - surely that's enough?

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