Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What nicer people do

Most of us, when not actively torturing children and small animals, tend to look after ourselves and our own comfort. My leisure time, for instance, is spent fencing, reading or making sure that my books and records are in the right order. Or ironing, which I find hugely rewarding and relaxing.

Other people - better people - quietly try to improve the lives of others. Take Christine and James, as we'll call them because those are their names. They spent weeks crocheting snowflakes, which they then hung on trees all round their town on Christmas morning before anyone else was up, so that the townsfolk could be delighted by a whimsical, lovely gift with no thought of cash or obligation.

See lovely pictures here.

Anyway, back to the spiders. Those legs don't come off on their own, you know.

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Sarah Williams said...

They are truly good eggs!