Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Taking the intellectual high ground on tuition fees

Sarah Teather was the youngest MP for at least a century, and made rather a lot of her principled opposition to tuition fees, which she repeatedly vowed to fight until her last breath.

Until, that is, she became a Minister for Education.

Here's some rather amusing footage of her reasoned explanation for her change of mind.

In case you feel dirty watching Sky footage (and I'm with you), here's the transcript:

Minister for education Sarah Teather, who described the issue as "dear to my heart" in her maiden speech to the House of Commons, told Sky to "go away" when asked why she had changed her mind.
In response to the question "Can we ask why you changed your mind?" she replied: "No you can't."
She went on: "Because I'm on my way out," before adding: "Go away".
Occupations and demonstrations going on all over the country. Follow them here. Teather's office has been occupied.

TV crew will be at The Hegemon at 6.30. Everybody's invited.
Emma Reynolds - The Hegemon's neighbouring MP speaks up for our embattled institution at Prime Minister's Questions - something Paul Uppal, within whose constituency we are, has utterly failed to do. Listen to her question and Cameron's disgraceful response here, around 17 minutes.


Ewarwoowar said...

I've always thought she was a bit of an arse. She was on the panel on the episode of QT I was in the audience for, and amusingly she's about 4ft.

Gotta disagree with you over your first sentence though Voley. Unless I'm misreading, there's been quite a few younger MPs:

The Plashing Vole said...

You're absolutely right. I should definitely have remembered Devlin - one of my heroes.

Benjamin. said...

I'm considering turning up for the news broadcast live from the SU- only to berate and insult every one of them. I cannot stand the pretentiousness of the 'sit-in' discussion yet as many of the members are associates of mine and some of the ladies I admire, I must be seen to accept their charade.

Personally I'd rather storm a Tory building and spend the night there.

The Plashing Vole said...

It is a charade - a Potemkin village orchestrated by the university and its pet SU.

Benjamin. said...

I say we turn up, Vole and read Tennyson out loud whilst completely ignoring the news crew who are only there for management to show off the SU.

What a wondrous trick that was, stifling SU and one member telling my lady friend that a protest was not allowed despite earlier telling her it was whilst in the meantime there's an new SU to promote. So, let's bung them all in there too silenced and too mortified to do anything.

Two birds, one stone springs to mind.