Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's dark and gloomy

To counteract this, here's the most beautiful of modern lullabies from Trespassers William, who first came to my attention when they covered one of my favourite Ride tracks to wonderful effect.

I'm going to a gig tonight, but it's nothing like this. The headline act is Julian Cope - weirdo genius. I've seen him live many times. Sometimes you get his full on acid-fuelled pop madness, sometimes his raconteur routine, but he's always brilliant.

The support act is David Wrench, who I used to know a little bit in North Wales. The beanpole albino weirdo just recorded an album of rebel folk with Cope (4 tracks, lasting an hour in total) but his solo stuff has moved from bilingual folk-with-Nick-Cave-and-Joy-Division to perverted 80s electro-pop. Whatever happens tonight, it's going to be interesting.

It'll also be fun because I'm going with my colleague Mark, who looks rather like His Copeness, largely deliberately I suspect.

Julian Cope, author of books and website on prehistoric monuments 

Mark, visiting prehistoric monument

Finally, just because I like it: new country band Lambchop doing the Sisters of Mercy's 'This Corrosion', and the original for comparison.

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