Monday, 6 December 2010

Hezbollah: better than BT?

There's been a lot of discussion over recent years of Britain's utter failure to invest in fibre-optic networks (there's another story today which demonstrates how completely, utterly useless the British plan is), mostly because industry doesn't want to pay for it. And so, the UK falls well behind other developed countries in the new media stakes.

More shockingly, Wikileaks reveals that the UK isn't even as advanced as premier league terrorists Hezbollah, who managed to instal their own fibre-optic network across Lebanon. I for one intend to move provider…

The value for Hizballah is the final step in creating a nation state. Hizballah now has an army and weapons; a television station; an education system; hospitals; social services; a financial system; and a telecommunications system.

Who says terrorism doesn't work? In this new world of privatisation, we should contract Hezbollah to put down their AK47s and pick up lucrative contracts. The UK has mothballed its navy, cut television and arts funding, smashed the education system, removed large chunks of health provision, rewarded the banks for losing all our money while increasing bonuses and is attacking net neutrality.

We're always being told Islamic terrorists are marooned in the 13th century, but it's very clear who's more advanced in this situation. I for one would welcome our bearded overlords. At least they believe in public services and government provision.

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