Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hell no, we won't go (until politely asked)

Mr Uppal has been mentioned in our debate - and not by me. Some of the students who went to talk to him asked him why there will be a 20% gap between the current teaching grant and the fees income. Oddly enough, he declined to answer the question, perhaps because this is nothing more than a reactionary, vengeful attack on the notion of education as a public good, rather than a thoughtful policy.

Marginal Paul had better enjoy 2011-2015, because he's not being re-elected.

The rather pleasing consensus of the evening is that we should all be more like Norway. I've been saying it for ages. If we all asked nicely, perhaps they'll invade. I won't resist the Nordic stormtroopers of egalitarianism and stylish furniture.

More photos here.

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