Monday, 20 December 2010

God, I feel sorry for the Germans and their terrible public transport.

Train travel throughout Germany was also thrown into chaos as operators ordered high-speed trains to slow down to 200 km/hour in order to avoid accidents due to ice clumps on the rails, leading to many delays and cancellations. 

Awful. Their inefficient state-run trains have to slow down to 200kph in extreme conditions.

In other news, 201 kph (125mph) is the top speed of all British InterCity trains - unchanged since the railways were privatised (cost to the state then: £2.5bn; cost to the state now: £4.9bn - and ticket prices have rocketed). The rest don't get anywhere near.

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Anonymous said...

Well, lots of trains you have there are antiquated - when I went from Birmingham to Kidderminster I saw even passenger trains powered by a diesel engine.
Here in Germany, those trains almost doesn't exist anymore in public transport.
I feel sorry for the poor English infrastructure.. *LOL*