Friday, 26 November 2010

Run! The Students Are Coming!

The campaign to demonise students is preceding apace. The head of the Metropolitan Police is issuing dire warnings of 'civil unrest' - conveniently for the cops, as they're facing budget cuts too. The Mail, as I detailed yesterday, fears the onslaught of the Gymslip Amazons hellbent on destruction, and my own institution has put on extra security in case the student body disturbs disgraced tax-avoiding expenses-fiddler Lord Paul while he has his lunch (which may well require a pastry fork). Heaven forfend that the Chancellor of a university should meet some of its students…

The origin of the violent student hordes is a mystery - I blame tabloid journalism and rolling news. Certainly the presence of extra security here is both an insult to the students, a marker of the massive divide between institution and students, and proof that management has no idea what our kids are like. There's no need to fear our lot, as I pointed out yesterday.

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oldgirlatuni said...

Hi - love the blog!

How right this is - the student demonstration on Wednesday at the Uni I attend, was policed by 2 PCSOs and a solitary police constable. From what I could see, the demonstrators looked more cold than cold blooded.