Thursday, 25 November 2010

Meet your local tax evader!

Lord Paul is Chancellor of The Hegemon. He's has £500 million in the bank and a lot of time on his hands, having been suspended from the House of Lords for fiddling his expenses to the tune of £40,000. This member of MIT's advisory board's defence is that 'main residence' is technical language which no Indian would understand, which seems a bit racist to me.

He's also a tax avoider, claiming 'non-dom' status, meaning that he was happy to occupy an unelected place in Britain's legislature secure in the knowledge that he wouldn't suffer the consequences of his votes. The early Americans proclaimed 'no taxation without representation': I say to Lord Paul 'no representation without taxation'.

If you're in The Hegemon tomorrow, you can meet him. You could even try asking him to pay your £9000 tuition fees!

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