Monday, 4 October 2010

A snatch of Uppal news

He's featured in the local Uppal-loving hard-right racist 'newspaper', flogging his deeply dubious claims of suffering electoral fraud - he's clearly on a mission to discredit the decent former MP, Rob Marris.

My readers won't be surprised to hear that Uppal's peddling the same farrago of untruths and distortions, or that the Depress and Scar hasn't bothered to do any checking themselves. If they had, they'd discover that the Electoral Commission isn't investigating any fraud claims, despite what Uppal untruthfully said to Parliament.

It does say, however, that the police isn't investigating: a grudging line coming after several paragraphs devoted to smearing an honest man with innuendo.

I shouldn't be surprised by Uppal or the Express and Swastika - Tory Scum both.


Benjamin. said...

Lazy and horrendous journalism jutaxposed by an MP with severe delusion.

Benjamin. said...

What's more, this is probably the worst opening to a food review I've ever seen:

I have no idea how these people find themselves employed.

The Plashing Vole said...

Wow. That's stunningly self-important.