Thursday, 2 September 2010

Whayay man!

A few more snaps of Newcastle. Opening ceremony and competition pictures tomorrow probably.

I took quite a lot of pictures of the Trinity Centre, because I feel strongly that modernist architecture has - had? - a lot to offer. Too much of it was done cheaply, used the wrong materials, placed wrongly or never utilised intelligently. Many buildings were left to rot, so that their essential optimism about human behaviour became a cynical joke. The Trinity Centre was a case in point - an efficient, striking building which assumed that the future would be clean, stylish and social. Instead, it was allowed to become a rundown dump, vandalised and unloved until it became the kind of dystopian monster that the reactionaries always claimed it was.

Click on them for larger images or go here for the full set.

Newcastle Sunset

Tyne Bridge girders. That's proper engineering.

There's a real party atmosphere to Newcastle. The high and mighty, the holy and the fun-loving all exist cheek-by-jowl

Part of Newcastle Uni at night - tricky shot with no tripod or flash, but I like the colours.

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