Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Recession in Soundbites; or Let's Play Bullshit Bingo!

There's an excellent piece in the Irish Times by Fintan O'Toole about the political class's abuse of language, which is well worth reading even if you don't know or care about Irish politics.

Underneath, the comments are rather better than average. Particularly good is 'Pablo', who provides us with an exhaustive list of the lies and bullshit ladled out by the establishment over the last couple of years - you've heard the same words from every politician and banker the world over:

Stop talking the country down Fintan. 
They stopped making land a long time ago Fintan. 
This is not a time to apportion blame Fintan. 
Rent is dead money Fintan. 
We are where we are Fintan. 
Everyone lost the run of themselves Fintan. 
There will be a soft landing Fintan.
Leave it to the experts Fintan. 
No one could have foresaw the collapse Fintan. 
The bank guarantee will be the cheapest bank rescue in the world Fintan. 
No one could have foresaw the costs that Anglo would incur Fintan. 
Ireland is different Fintan. 
We will all share the pain Fintan. 
NAMA is the only (holy) show in town Fintan. 
The banks are well capitalized Fintan. 
We need to recapitalize the banks to get credit flowing again Fintan. 
We need to adequately reward the wonderful entrepreneurship of our best and brightest Fintan. 
The fundamentals of the economy are sound Fintan. 
There is no evidence of any wrongdoing Fintan. 
The banks are fine, it's only a short-term liquidity problem Fintan. 
Regulation is strangling innovation Fintan. 
We need to protect the bondholders or our borrowing costs will go up Fintan. 
Everything we do is in an attempt to protect taxpayers Fintan. 
We can't expect to keep the best talent if we don't pay them these wages Fintan. 
The losses are very annoying but they are manageable Fintan. 
I don't know why people who talk the economy down don't go and commit suicide Fintan.
The economy has turned the corner Fintan. 
People are just playing politics here Fintan. 
We have a job to do (going forward) Fintan. 
Our European colleagues support us fully Fintan. 
We need to don the green jersey and drive it on Fintan. 
The Taoiseach was only a little hoarse and he has my full support Fintan.  

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Saoi don't Blog said...

I noticed that too, very inspired, good man Pablo.