Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Need help? Then pick up a gun - official

My revolting Tory Scum MP, Paul Uppal, discussed the Pakistan flood aid in Parliament yesterday.

In a stunning display of cynical self-interest, he and the minister agreed that aid should be rushed in - but only to Sindh and the Punjab, where people have been helped by Taliban-linked charities.

Uppal: I am glad to see that he is conscious of the developing problem in Sindh province and also, as he mentioned, in parts of Punjab. Does he share with me the general concern he highlighted about the lack of a proper response and the poor response from the international community? It is crucial in this politically sensitive area to address this issue because it affects hearts and minds. He may be aware of initial media reports showing that Taliban-inclined elements were helping with the very initial relief. If it were ever the case that people remember who their friends are in times of need, it applies now.

Andrew Mitchell (Secretary of State, International Development; Sutton Coldfield, Conservative)
I thank my hon. Friend for his contribution. On his first point, all the money announced in New York-the second tranche, which is the doubling of our funding-is now being spent in Sindh and Punjab, for reasons that a number of hon. Members on both sides of the House have underlined.

So if you're hungry, cold or homeless, the only way to attract the attention of the rich nations is to flutter your eyelashes at their enemies. If you're peace-loving, forget it.

I believe the word is… cynical.

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