Monday, 6 September 2010

I regret to inform you that you failed your driving test

… due to your inability to park.


Ewarwoowar said...

Very good.

In other (important) news Voley...I sent an e-mail to my constituency MP (Tory) earlier, about the Football Governance Debate and the financial climate surrounding football in this country at this time.

He's just replied, a few hours after I sent him that. Well done Mark Pritchard, but more importantly, what excuse does our friend Paul Uppal have for ignoring you for so long?

The Plashing Vole said...

That's very interesting. Mark Pritchard - to me - is an utter Tory twit, but that's because of his beliefs. From everything I've heard, he's a hard-working decent constituency MP, and I'm not surprised he's had the courtesy to respond so quickly.

I think my next step with Uppal is to ask the police whether they're investigating an electoral fraud cases at the moment.

What's your take on the football governance bill?

Ewarwoowar said...

I asked him whether he would be able to attend the Bill and put forward my concerns. He tells me he has other Parliamentary duties, but will talk about it with the Sports Minister (face to face) when he next sees him.

I largely suspect that's a classic case of "fobbing off", but I did appreciate the speed of the reply and how he bothered to reply personally (he included some things which make me certain it wasn't typed by a secretary)

The email wasn't typed by me, admittedly. It was courtesy of here:

but I certainly have fears about football. I believe Sheffield Wednesday are the next to have fallen into administration.

The Plashing Vole said...

Good stuff. It's a fair enough response - he's probably had a lot of these letters; enough to make him look into it, but similar enough for him to do the standard easy thing. The speed of response is genuinely impressive.

Hope Wednesday aren't next. If anyone has to go bust, it should be Port Fail (for spiteful local reasons), Leeds (just because) or most of all, MK Dons. How I look forward to AFC Wimbledon scoring the goal that relegates them. Not long now.