Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hoo's it gannin, hinny?

That's Geordie for 'How's it going, kid?'.
I have to say that everybody from Newcastle/Gateshead I've spoken to have been genuinely friendly - not just professionally helpful or kind but interested in what we're doing up here and  keen to do what they can.

It's a lovely city. There are massive areas of utter deprivation, but the geography and architecture of the city is varied and magnificent. Big wide streets, soaring bridges and loads of open space. Around the hospital, university and football ground is a lovely Victorian park, with open fields next to them. Newcastle United's bovine hoofers aren't alone: there's a herd of cows in the fields: the young athletes don't seem to mind them (and vice versa) but aren't impressed by dodging the cowpats.

Durham Cathedral and Castle (part of Durham University) from the train window

Detail from a pub doorway in Newcastle

The Trinity Centre, Gateshead - a Modernist masterpiece brutally treated.

Pedestrian walkway on the High Level Bridge, Newcastle

The Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge and the Sage Centre

More pictures here. Click on the ones above for larger versions.

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