Thursday, 23 September 2010


This is the new trailer for the imminent Harry Potter film. I was struc by how similar it is to parts of the Lord of the Rings films, primarily the one in which the band travel through the mines of Moria.

Obviously the plots are similar, given that there aren't that many plots available, as Propp knew (damaged hero ultimately isolated by the burden of destiny, doubt, betrayal, extremely powerful evil adversary, travel, magic, destroying magical objects, white-bearded powerful mentor occasionally tempted to wield authority, temporary defeat), but the cinematography seemed very familiar - minor key orchestral music, running along mountain tops, man in white beard falling backwards, just as when Gandalf falls into the Chasm. There's certainly a filmic grammar for epics, especially magical ones. Does the predictability affect your enjoyment, or perhaps enhance it?

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Some Chilean Woman said...

I just saw it!!!! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and can't wait. I will for sure hit the Imax theater for added effect.