Thursday, 16 September 2010

He's at it again

As is becoming depressingly clear, Tory Scum MP Paul Uppal's favourite subject is himself, and his sense of victimhood.

Yet again, he's making entirely unsubstantiated claims that, despite winning the election, he was the victim of electoral fraud:

I ask the Minister to take on board my deep concern about postal voting fraud. Although I welcome individual registration, I fear that it will not wholly tackle that problem, to which I have referred before.
In my constituency-I must choose my words carefully, because the case is currently being investigated by the Electoral Commission-200 more votes were cast than electoral ballots were issued. I want to impress on the Minister a point that was raised with me recently by a constituent. He said that Labour Members were going from door to door asking if people wanted them to help them to fill out postal voting forms.

Wow. Labour activists were offering to help. That's not illegal. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tories were doing the same. But I've learned something - that the Electoral Commission is actually investigating. I've already written to the police to see if Uppal's actually reported anything - now I've asked the Electoral Commission.

Come on Paul - why the persecution complex? It's not becoming!

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