Monday, 13 September 2010

Here comes everything

Morning all. And what a day it's going to be. I'm planning to sneak off for a swim, but there's also an MA dissertation to mark, on Simon Armitage (arrggggghhhhhh) and several modules to write - i.e. decide what texts I'm going to teach, read them, plan secondary material etc. Obviously this should have been done months ago, but our clever overlords haven't given us that kind of timescale when it came to proper academic planning. Slightly frustrating, you might say.

The rest of the day will, of course, be devoted to teasing Emma about Manchester United's abject last-minute draw with Everton. We indulged in this a little yesterday, but I was too entranced by the new print of Metropolis (1927) we saw at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham (Britain's oldest continually-working cinema). Basically every scene, edit and idea has subsequently been stolen by other film-makers. It's a weird mix of Marxism, religious imagery, class warfare, reactionary politics and science-fear - a profound and profoundly moving experience.

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Sarah Williams said...

Oh, I really wanted to go and see that! Do you know when it runs until?!