Thursday, 2 September 2010

Come on coppers, do your job!

It's months since elusive MP Paul Uppal complained to all and sundry that he was the victim of 'electoral fraud', and yet the cops haven't staged any raids, nicked anyone, charged anyone. Why the hell not? It couldn't be because there haven't been any complaints to them about this disgraceful crime, could it? Surely Uppal wasn't whinging for local political advantage? He couldn't be deliberately undermining voters' faith in democracy for petty politicking. Could he?

I have, you may recall, written to him to ask about the inquiry into this crime - no reply yet, it may not surprise you to learn. But it's not personal. After all, in the media age, every MP is expected to write for newspapers, appear on local radio and TV, Twitter and write a blog. Just like this one of Paul's.

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