Thursday, 19 March 2015

On organising conferences

The Mantra of the Conference Organiser

Death to you, late abstract submitter
Death to you, abstract changer
Death to you, disorganised panel proposer
Death to you, late registrants
Death to you, delegate who suddenly remembers near-fatal allergies during the aperitifs
Death to you, delegate annoyed to discover we don't have an OS/2 compatible projector
Death to you, who demands a presidential suite
Death to you, full-salaried academic enquiring about the postgraduate rate.
Death to you, inhospitable 'hospitality liaison officers'
Death to you, finance departments
Death to you, funding committees. Death to you twice over.
Death to you, invisible keynote speakers.

After all, you'll all be the death of me.*

*I'll be fine tomorrow. I just never, ever, want to open a spreadsheet again. And I have learned never to call any document 'Final'. It just tempts fate.

1 comment:

Phil said...

In this respect, if in no others, we can all learn from the Provisional IRA.

Have fun! And if you can't do that, get drunk when it's all over. (With any luck you should be able to do both.)