Monday, 9 June 2014

Evaluation time…

I'm away tomorrow at a UCAS recruitment day. I don't actually know what that involves because nobody has told me. All I know is that I have to be at Bangor University for 9.30 a.m., presumably wearing clothes, and that the train leaves at 0548, which is no time to be awake. Presentation? Hand out prospectuses? Demonstrate my juggling skills? I have no idea. What an excellent use of my time.

However, I did my BA and MA at Bangor and have friends on the teaching staff there, so I'm going to do whatever my bit is, then have a convivial lunch and do some planning for the next Association for Welsh Writing in English conference. Normally when in Bangor I'd go to the world's greatest record shop to fill several bags with whatever micro-label tat they tell me is good, but in one of the cosmos's most outrageous injustices, Cob Records closed down a year or so ago.

Anyway, I have my appraisal on Wednesday. Thankfully, the students have provided their Module Evaluation responses. Here's a summary.

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