Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I like to ride my bicycle

…but more than that, I like to watch athletes ride their bicycles, before I go for a slap-up feed. Last night I went along to the women's Grand Prix and men's Classic held in Stoke. I missed all but the last lap of the women's event (thanks to work) but saw all the men's race. It was a beautiful sunny evening, the circuit included lots of tight corners and short climbs, so there lots of opportunities to take pictures in between drooling over stunning – and stunningly expensive – bikes and fellow spectators' cameras. There was a decent crowd ranging from passers-by to the local Coppis and Hinaults (well, they had the kit…).

Here are some of my favourite shots: click to enlarge. The whole set is here.

Women's race celebration

I like the expression on the guy in the middle

I tried a few of these blurred shots, but they're not easy without a tripod

Look out for the dog, which really makes this picture and a couple more

The pain starts to show as the race draws to a close

Pointed looks in the peloton

More pained expressions

Local heroes

Jon Mould aims for the line, having lapped almost every rider early on

This breaks all the rules but it somehow works
Jon Mould, race winner

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