Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Santa's here

Two people have left me presents in parcels outside my office door. One parcel contained three teen films (Drag Me To Hell, Girl, Interrupted, Clueless special edition), presumably because I'm always going on about what a great adaptation of Emma that film is. I have no idea who this present is from: the note said 'a student who reads', which implies that there are some who don't. I'm shocked, shocked at the very notion!

The other parcel contained something equally wonderful:

I don't want to encourage a culture of students giving staff presents because they have little enough money as it is, but as I can't thank you personally, I'll do it here. You're both very kind and I'm grateful. And thanks to the magic of anonymous marking, there's no chance your grades will be influenced in any way!


Anonymous said...

"The other parcel contained something equally wonderful... with an amazing note to match which I will treasure always".

The Plashing Vole said...

That's true!

Anonymous said...

I'll make sure to carve it on your gravestone. Or read it at your funeral at the very least.