Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Green Shoots?

Finally, there are signs of economic life in The Dark Place. At least, according to Paul Uppal, the invisible MP:
From anecdotal evidence in recent canvassing sessions, I have noticed a pick up in drug dealing, particularly in the
south of the city.
An honest Tory would be delighted. Increasing custom implies that there's more money around for luxury purchases. Drug dealers are of course natural Conservatives: they don't like paying taxes, they respond readily to the laws of supply and demand, and they're entrepreneurial small businessmen opposed to regulation and state intervention. They're opposed to Health and Safety, few of them are unionised and they're fully integrated into the globalised economy. What's not to like? Uppal had no criticism to make of HSBC becoming an integral subsidiary of the Mexican drug trade so why's he so down on hard-working local drug dealers? They might well help him keep his seat given his tiny majority of 619.

And of course the more constituents get smacked-up and delusional, the more likely they are to vote for him.

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