Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wot no blog?

Plashing Vole Towers apologises for the break in service. Outrage and irony levels are currently heavily depleted by a) Israel denouncing Iran for potentially possessing nuclear weapons and breaching UN resolutions (b) Dan Hodges (c) The Tories and (d) the wilful destruction of New Tricks.

Fresh supplies of outrage will be delivered soon, when normal service will resume. In the meantime, feel free to acquire opinions from so-called rival sources.

It's true. I've been busy with pleasant and/or quotidian duties recently and my blood isn't currently angried-up. Last night I attended my colleague @MsEmentor's book launch (pics) followed by a convivial curry. I've read a couple of books (Jonathan Coe's Expo '58 which was enjoyable but wasn't quite funny, profound or moving enough compared with his usual work, and DJ Taylor's The Windsor Faction, which I immersed myself in, but which would require the Dictionary of National Biography and a decent encyclopaedia for people who aren't, as I am, 1930s culture obsessives: half the pleasure is in appreciating his research).

I've been to some decent classes, met some very promising students and recovered from the trauma of watching Threads the other night. In fact I'm so full of general bonhomie that I'm going to post some cheery songs by The Wonder Stuff, The Delgados, Shack, George Formby and finally some Cannonball Adderley:

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