Thursday, 28 February 2013

Papal Bull

I couldn't resist the confluence of two momentous events: the Papal Conclave and the Eastleigh By-election

Cardinal 1: What are we here for?
Cardinal 2: We're electing a replacement for that self-righteous guy who had to resign under the weight of his past misdeeds and threw the whole organisation into disarray just as its corrosive culture of sexual impropriety emerged into the open
Cardinal 1. Oh yes. Poor Mr Huhne. 


Emma said...

Wonderfully insightful and witty as always

Anonymous said...


"of course, Chris Huhne ought to be Pope. Well, you can't speed in a Popemobile, if you get caught speeding a Cardinal will take your points, and if it all ends in court...well, infallibility MUSTwork as a plea, surely?"