Monday, 21 January 2013

The Day After Tomorrow Vole

Hello, dear readers. I trust you survived Snowmageddon, which round here meant about 5 inches of the  white stuff and widespread panic.

It is like The Day After Tomorrow in my flat: in the film the stragglers end up barricaded in the New York Public Library with no heating. My flat also resembles a book cave and likewise has no heating other than a little fan heater. I didn't burn any books to stay alive, though P D James's Death Comes To Pemberley almost got incinerated on grounds of quality…

I was going to go walking in the western Peak District but my friends chickened out had very good reasons why they had to cancel, so I ended up taking my camera out to a local park and gardens - not at strenuous, but pleasant none the less. The whole set is here, but I'll show you some of my favourites here and in the next post. Click to enlarge.

Abstract - I won't tell you what it is.

Bureaucracy! I was really pleased to spot this office window down a back street

Fire escape in the snow

A crow. 

Sage plant being eaten by a snow monster!

Crow. I wasn't set up for a fast shot, so was lucky to get the wing like this.

Really please with this one - again I had the camera on a slow shutter speed for a different shot,  so got lucky here.

Cormorants roosting in the snow

Another slow-shutter speed shot of a gull

Squirrels: taste as good as they look

Blue tit and nuthatch

Again, slow shutter speed but a bit of luck with these coal tits.

A very wary jay.

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