Monday, 21 January 2013

The Day After The Day After Tomorrow Vole

A few more of my favourite shots from wandering about in the snow this weekend. The whole set is here, and a few more of the best ones are here. Click to enlarge.

Too dark for a high shutter speed, so this is the best I could do - lots of tits' arses. But you can see it holding a nut in its beak
Squirrel with robin in the background

Quite pleased with the beating wing of this coal tit

One stuffs its face, the other keeps watch

This time I focused on the robin rather than the squirrel

Decent abstract effect from this sculpture 
Same sculpture, different focus

Another bird's bum

Tree outside my office

The view from the top floor. I was pleased with the colour

Tree outside the office again

Another view from the office. 

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