Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Busy busy busy

Morning everybody. Busy day today - our pre-term staff conference. The morning is management telling us what's been going on (hopefully) and the afternoon is a series of training sessions, including one Plashing Vole's Guide to Academic Tweeting. Lots of linking to my erudite colleagues, I think.

I've also got a Negotiating Committee meeting during lunch time, and lots of other things too… Then tomorrow starts with a really serious meeting on behalf of a colleague I'm representing and another one to do with car parks (and stuff). When I'm going to work out my timetable, write some lectures and do some research is as yet unclear.

On the up side, my old friend Alan (of Ectogram and many other bands) has sent me this link to a previously unreleased set of Rheinallt H Rowlands songs, including three Joy Division tracks sung in Welsh. I've always loved Rheinnallt's music and I collect Joy Division and New Order covers.

Here's his 'Bukowski':

and 'Llanw'

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