Monday, 16 April 2012

He gets spam…

My good friend The Rise and Rise of Tim Lovejoy gets spam. This time, the quality of writing on The Plashing Vole led the poor saps to believe that HE is the author of The Plashing Vole (he's not the only one confused either). Annotations are my own.

My name is Isabel [I am a bot] and I recently stumbled across [software harvested the address of] your blog I work for [live in a server rented by] a company [of spammers], Blog Services Inc. [who lack the imagination required to come up with a better name that that], that connects bloggers with advertising partners [pretends to connect bloggers with advertisers but actually charges the naive money for allowing them to cover their blogs with porn links]. I currently have clients [don't have clients] that are interested in [have never heard of you] developing a sponsorship with you [i.e. covering your site with porn links, as before]. This helps them with brand awareness [they need the 25 nerds who read your blog] and is a great opportunity for you to make some money [isn't a great opportunity to make money] from your blog [simply in exchange for any remaining integrity and independence].
Check out for more information and testimonials [which are entirely made up]. Please feel free to contact me directly [an automated reply will be immediately despatched from the bot] if you are interested in a partnership [serving Satant] or have any questions at There is no need to submit the form on our site, as contacting me directly will lead to a quicker response [because I am a bot].
If you are interested, contact me at this email address to begin the process.
Isabel Reed Project Manager – Blog Services, Inc. 

For the record, I am not a figment of TRAROTL's already warped imagination. I'm the product of my own warped imagination. And it's better to be the product of a warped imagination than a bot residing on the servers of a spammer.

No adverts on Plashing Vole. Sometimes I say nice things about products. Rest assured it's because I like them and not because some git has paid me $4.

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