Thursday, 19 January 2012

Welcome, Wikinauts!

OK, I'm not saying that Plashing Vole is the second-most popular and trusted site on the entire internet, but I think it's significant that when Wikipedia went dark yesterday in protest against SOPA, my visitors more than doubled. So actually, I am saying that in the absence of Wikipedia, I am the go-to guy for facts.

I suppose I should give you the answer to yesterday's true-or-false facts. Amazingly, nobody identified 'Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are serious Presidential candidates' as true - either you're not reading the newspapers or you haven't really the depths to which American political discourse has sunk. The other true fact was that Boris Johnson was indeed born in New York and is eligible to run for the Presidency - he was in fact an American citizen until recent years, which makes me wonder whether he used it for tax avoidance. Let's start campaigning for him - then we can have him deported.

You may have come to Vole for the facts, but stick around: I've got politics, music, books and general nonsense. Think of me as a thicker, more sarcastic Radio 4 (that's NPR for you Shermans).

Anyway, back to the marking… I wonder how my students fared without Wikipedia?

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