Wednesday, 18 January 2012


The surely-not-long-now death of Thatcher is going to be a horrible time for those of us with a conscience: the right is going to behave as though she were a combination of Boudicca, Mother Teresa and Marie Curie. Carpers (i.e. anyone who points out that her legacy is global despression, inequality and war) will be as welcome as republicans at the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

So here's a cheery and tuneful (no, really) song by Mogwai called 'George Square Thatcher Death Party'. I've a playlist of Thatcher death songs which I'll work my way through.


Artog said...

I'll probably be down south when it happens (since I live there), in which case I'll content myself with a quiet bottle of champagne. If I'm visiting my friends and family in Sheffield however, I'll certainly be joining the conga line to the nearest pub (note to self: remember to pack vuvuzela).

Anonymous said...

I'm going to organise a street party :)